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Global Reach Sports is a partnership between Split Second Sports Timing, Inc. and Silicon Peak, Inc. Together, we provided all the technology, including resort registration/timing software, handicap-based results and rankings web application, to the NASTAR ski racing program for 15 years. Our technology combines registration/timing software at each resort with a user-friendly web site and mobile application. Resorts use our software to register participants and then calculate their raceday time, handicap, and the medal earned. Participants' results and registration data are immediately transmitted, ranked and presented on the community web site in each competitors personal race record. The web site allows participants to register to race online, view race results and rankings, chart progress, check resort locations, manage their own results, customize their race record, participate in the community forum and more. Our solution provides the participants with a complete “race experience” from the race course to their computer/mobile device.

Global Reach Sports also provides software and services needed by sports governing bodies and associated event organizers. The foundation of Global Reach Sports' offering is SportsPower, a proven platform that automates the day-to-day operations of a membership-based sports organization. Our technology empowers minimal staff to accomplish the work of many, thus keeping costs down and improving the organization's services to its members through real-time support and processing of results and rankings, membership requests, licensing, event organizer support, event registration, e-commerce, and much more.

In addition to automating the day-to-day operations of the organization, SportsPower empowers the organization by leveraging its greatest asset: its members' event results and rankings. Driven by the human ego, this "content" is the magnet used by SportsPower to build the online community resulting in:

  • increased membership
  • increased event participation
  • new sponsorship opportunities

We have a proven track record of helping membership-based organizations thrive.

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