Developing Software and Web Apps since 1987

Silicon Peak is a privately held company based in Asheville, North Carolina providing the technical and operational infrastructure necessary to transition a business to the web.

We are an elite team of creative and software professionals that have worked together successfully for over a decade with a focus in the healthcare and sports sectors. We work closely with top advertising agencies, portals, software and hardware vendors, etc to bring our clients the most appropriate and complete custom solutions to meet their business needs.

Our Process

Our methodology, fined-tuned over time across a wide range of engagements, ensures effective communication and collaboration on all levels throughout the projects. It incorporates traditional implementation methodologies and techniques, successful rapid application development (RAD) procedures, and project management disciplines that substantially reduce the risks associated with implementing complex systems.

Our methodology consists of these four major phases

Discover and Analyze
Define and Design
Implement and Test
Deploy and Verify